About us

A bit of History

The Cadushy Distillery was founded in 2009 by Eric & Jolande Gietman. Eric & Jolande visited Bonaire for the first time together on their Honeymoon In August 1997. When they first set foot on the Island they fell in love with it. So after this first visit they returned to Bonaire nearly every year for their holiday. And yes they loved the diving, but felt that there is so much more to experience on Bonaire. The friendly people and the rich cultural heritage stole their hearts. In 2003, Eric and Jolande had a lovely daughter, Rianne. When her teacher asked Rianne when she was five years old what she wanted to become later she said: “a world traveller”. In 2007 they decided to move to Bonaire, and chose Rincon to live and found their business. It took them another two years to arrange everything and finally, in 2009, they moved to Bonaire. When Eric Jolande and Rianne moved they asked Sjaan and Dammis, the parrents of Jolande, to come along with them. On March 6th 2009, the Cadushy family landed to settle on the Island. And off course they went to live in Rincon.

On April 16th of the same year the business was founded. On September 6th of 2009 the first bottle of Cadushy of Bonaire Liqueur was presentend to the Lieutenant Governor of Bonaire, Mr Glenn Thode. 

That’s how the family business started, and nowadays the Cadushy Team has expanded with more and more “travel companions” to contribute and join our voyage.

The Cadushy Team

We are happy to introduce the Cadushy team to you. We started as a family business in 2009. Now the team is growing. It takes something to be part of the Cadushy team, call it ‘drive’  or ‘passion‘ for exellent experiences and products. 

Eric is our Chief Distiller. Eric is in charge of the production of all the alcoholic products. And although he is responsable of the final product, the approval of each batch produced is done by the all the teammembers. Yes, its demanding being a member of the Cadushy team :-). 

Jolande is the Creative Brain of the team. She is responsible for all the designs that are made. Business cards, stickers, logos, banners, labels, bottles, stoppers and much more. You name it, she will design it. Besides that she is ‘The best mom in the world’ for Rianne.     

Rianne is our Director of Tea Business. In 2011 she had the idea to make Cadushy Tea. Well Rianne was 8 years old back then and she wanted to drink a cactus too. So that’s how she got to be in charge of The Cadushy Tea Factory.

Michael is our representative in The Netherlands. He is in charge of making you order ready for shipment so you can have your delicious drink.

Salu! Cheers! Proost!