Rom Rincon available in Europe!

Rom Rincon is available in Europe! 

The Spirit of Bonaire Rom Rincon

The warmth of the Caribbean, the friendyness of its residents, the many scents of nature and taste of subtropical love. Rom Rincon, is the topical Island of Bonaire caught in a bottle. One sip will bring you to the sheer beauty of the island. Even if you've never been there. There is no reason to have it cold in Europe because this rum is now available in Europe.


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  • Hello, my name is Thomas Woll. At my bonaire trip in december i have tasted this rum. It was great!! I don’t know why but i have not bought a bottle. This was a mistake. Is it possible to order a bottle and ship it to germany?

    • Thomas Woll
  • Tasted rums and whiskeys from all around the world. This spiced rum is worth it’s weight in gold. I’ve yet to find a rum that meets this quality, taste and aroma such as this one. I’ve met the creator and Eric IS the master distiller if you ask me.. and so say the all the people around me that tasted this “elixer”

    • Vincent